About Us

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Here at La Moo Creamery we are redefining what fresh and entertaining means. We are bringing the unique handcrafted ice cream experience found on streets of Thailand, serving fresh, made-to-order ice cream to ice cream enthusiasts here in Arlington. La Moo specialty ice cream are hand rolled on advanced chilled plates, in individual servings, using the Thai-roll style processes in an entertaining and exciting fashion to produce thick, creamy, flavorful, and additive-free ice cream. We are creating ice cream in its rawest form which means; our ice cream has no preservatives, thickeners, or stabilizers, and it is the central foundation of all of our creations.

La Moo Creamery will be a refreshing experience completely eclipsing that of typical ice cream parlors we are all familiar with.

So what are you Moo-ing around for? Come and experience it for yourself, bring the herd.